GeorDavie is an outstanding servant of God, serving in ministry for the past 38 years. The founding President and Arch-Bishop of the largest fast growing Prophetic Church Ministry in Arusha Tanzania Eastern Africa, with believers across Africa, Europe, USA and other continents. 

Arusha City is located in the middle of Africa between Cape Town, South Africa and Cairo, Egypt, and it is the home of the world's second largest mountain Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro Crater Wildlife and Serengeti.

The Journey

God started to use GeorDavie since he was a little child. His parents witnessed him prophesying at the age of five so accurately that things would come to pass!   


In the late 70s God called him officially into the Kingdom service through various ministries, from leading praise and worship, to serving as an Apostolic Missionary, Bible Teacher, Evangelist, Pastor, as well founding Global Concert Ministries where he led youths in developing their talents. Later he established Lighthouse Center for street children where he was able to address the cause and create public awareness for street children in the northern zone of Tanzania by providing them with food, clothes, shelter and education.


Having seen the need for continued support, he later established GeorDavie Lighthouse Foundation where he has been able to help  the marginalized with food, clothes, education, health,  shelter and funds to Orphanages and Street Children Centers including small churches and Pastors  fund support and  means of transportation. 

In late 1999 GeorDavie started a small church ministry with about 120 people. In just four months, the congregation increased to 1,000 and in 12 months to over 3,000. Now, 5,000 attend this church regularly, and visitors are attracted from across the world to worship and experience God's anointing. This church has expanded greatly, with branches across Tanzania and other countries in Africa, Europe and America.      


God has graced him to do mega conferences and has been a great spiritual source and advisor to prominent people in the country and beyond including top government leaders, diplomats and businessmen, reaching thousands upon thousands across Africa, Europe, Middle East and USA and other continents through Pastoral, Teaching and Prophetic Ministries with the manifestation of miracles, signs and  wonders via  Healing Crusades, Kingdom Congress Classes and Conferences, TV programs and his FM Radio Station 99.3 MHz Arusha Tanzania. Among others he is a songwriter, musician, singer, recording artist and engineer, producer and media personality. 


GeorDavie is the father and mentor to thousands of both believers and Servants of God from across the World and the author of many books including 'Keeping up with God's Kingdom Government Standards.'      

He majors in the Prophetic Ministry Office, according to Eph. 4:11,  edifying the body of Christ worldwide as Kingdom Spokesman of our times. GeorDavie is married and has three children. He holds a Ph.D in Church Ministry including a number of honors acquired  through the years!   

Glory To God! 

Jesus Visit and The Keys

 "... in 2004, Jesus Christ appeared to me in person and with a vivid eyes I saw Him holding a bunch of Keys with different sizes and each Key had a religious name, some I knew, some I didn't... 

He said, "Geor... Go to the world and represent me as Kingdom Spokesman by doing the works I did and beyond... setting my people free from the religious bondage through Teaching and Prophetic Ministries... behold here is the Secret....!" Then with a smiley face, He dissolved... !!!


"Ever since I was never the same again...!!!" 


This is when I started to see the great flow and move of the power of God, the enormous miracles and the rapid expansion of the church congregation to date! 

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